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OEM Antenna Repositioning Kit for Volvo 2019 models. Enables you to replace your existing antenna with a critical comms antenna.

Key Features
Replace existing Volvo antenna with Critical Comms antenna Modify Only and Supply Only options
Plug and Play solution No drilling necessary
Free up vital roof space for antennas / solar panels Stops interference with other critical communication equipment
No error messages on dashboard


At Sure Antennas we realise that roof space on vehicles is at a premium, and with the advent of advanced vehicles needing more antenna connections, and even power management systems using solar panels, the need to create roof space is getting essential.

Due to our advanced knowledge of OEM vehicle antennas, we have been able to develop a number of OEM Antenna Repositioning Kits for popular Blue Light vehicle models. Please get in touch for other makes and models of vehicle.

This particular kit is for the latest generation of Volvo, currently covering the full range of vehicles. This kit will allow the OEM factory-fitted shark fin on the roof to be repositioned elsewhere on the vehicle. All existing vehicle wiring will remain, but the antennas for the OEM vehicle functions will be replaced with internal window mount antennas. This will allow the existing antenna space to be filled by the supplied Volvo antenna mount plate, allowing our range of multifunction Mallard and Sandcastle antennas to be installed.

Automotive Fakra connections allow the system to stay OEM, and separate from any Critical Communications Systems installed.

We can supply this kit as a Modification or as a Supply option. Each option has a separate part number. If the Modification option is preferred you would send us the OEM parts from the vehicle to be modified as a kit. If the supply option is preferred we will supply a new shark fin OEM part as part of the kit.

When this kit is combined with our future-proofed, Mallard and Sandcastle antennas, this combination of accessories can allow your new vehicle to be ready for ESN while still retaining an existing Airwave system and all its OEM functionality. We also produce coax cable kits to make our antennas compatible with all different manufacturers of vehicle Modems, CCTV, Telemetry, and other communications devices.

Kit includes: 

  • Conversion kit
  • Replacement sharkfin
  • Mounting plate
Product name Part number

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