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Covert Antenna Solutions

Our passion is to provide a true covert vehicle antenna solution for surveillance purposes.
Sure antennas will modify a factory fitted OEM Vehicle antenna to transmit and receive within a desired frequency banding giving users an 80% increase in range when tested alongside traditional bumper and semi-covert on-glass antenna installations.
We understand the demand for multi-function antenna connections, so like to work with you to understand what equipment connections are needed from an antenna in your vehicle.
With this information we can guide you through what is achievable while retaining the OEM antenna cosmetic look. Once satisfied we would replace the OEM internal workings to feature all the connections you require to operate essential radio communications equipment.

Download the brochure here: Sure Antennas Covert Brochure

Leaders & Innovators

Sure Antennas core focus is in delivering innovative antenna solutions that offer industry leading performance. Proudly manufactured in the UK, Sure Antennas offer solutions for both marked emergency service vehicles and bespoke covert applications. Sure Antennas also manufacturers a range of accessories including cabling, multiplexers and intercom systems.