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Router & Vehicle Technology Compatiablity Guide

Our ESN ready Antennas have been designed to be fully compatible with all modems and vehicle technology. This guide details some of the most commonly used vehicle technology and recommends suitable antenna kits. Please note that this list is only a demonstration of our antenna compatibility and if your requirements differs to what is in […]

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Ready for ESN

Sure Antennas has been investing time and development in overt antennas for the emergency services next generation communication system Emergency Services Network (ESN). ESN will operate on EE’s 4G network, using LTE technology, it will provide a mobile broadband service while still retaining Tetra usage for the ESMCP incremental approach. Download the brochure here: Sure […]

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Covert Antenna Solutions

Our passion is to provide a true covert vehicle antenna solution for surveillance purposes. Sure antennas will modify a factory fitted OEM Vehicle antenna to transmit and receive within a desired frequency banding giving users an 80% increase in range when tested alongside traditional bumper and semi-covert on-glass antenna installations. We understand the demand for […]

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