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Handsfree R5 Fixed Vehicle Device

Handsfree’s R5 is an ESN ready fixed vehicle device that is fully compatible with our ‘Mallard’ and ‘Sand Castle’ Antennas.

ESN Ready Programmable user interface
Compatible with "mallard antenna" Compatible with "sand castle antenna"


Handsfree’s R5 ESN Fixed Vehicle Device Solution has been developed in association and with the Home Office under a Framework Agreement and subsequent ‘Call Off’ arrangements. The ESN solution consists of an exclusive and powerful Control Unit, linking to a choice of intuitive User Interfaces which are flexible and programmable, so you can add functionality on-demand such as extra terminals, multiple handsets, Push-to-talk, camera view, and telematics.

Product name Part number
Handsfree R5 Fixed Vehicle Device HFG-R5
R5 Compatible 7 in 1 Mallard Antenna with Tetra SK021996
R5 Compatible 5 in 1 Mallard Antenna non Tetra SK025265

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