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Covert Bumper Antenna supplied with SM3300 antenna combiner

Product Code SASA10010
This package contains two small dipole antennae and a phasing unit.



Two antennas to one transmitter Ideal for vehicles with no roof antennas
Custom frequencies available Covert antennas


This package contains two small dipole antennae and a phasing unit which can be concealed in a smaller space than a regular dipole without sacrificing performance.

Ideal for use as a pair to allow installation into the front and rear bumpers of a vehicle, on a rear parcel shelf of a vehicle, or inside motorcycle panniers.

The antenna can be supplied with any length and type of coax with a choice of terminations.

All our antennae are supplied to your required frequency and each antenna system is fully tested to specification before leaving our technicians.

Availability on this antenna is usually within five working days, depending on frequency requirements.

Please contact us on 0151 334 9160 for more details.

Product name Part number
Front & Rear Vehicle Bumper Antennas with Phasing Unit 380-400 SASA10010-4 SASA10010-4.pdf

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