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Motorola DP3441e / DP3661e Surveillance Kits

Surveillance Kit Earpieces for DP3441e / DP3661e Two Way Radios.




Inline PTT with mic options Low Noise options
Intrinsic Safety Standard: UL/TIA 4950 Vox Options
Compatible with the DP4000e Series. 1
2 & 3 Wire options.


Surveillance kit Earpiece options for DP3441e / DP3661e series two way radios.

A number of options are available for any application.

• 1, 2 & 3 wire options.
• Environmental PU cable reinforced with Kevlar
• Inline PTT with collar clip.



Product name Part number
DP3441e/DP3661e Data Sheet DP3441e/DP3661e Data Sheet anz_dp3441_specification_sheet-8.pdf

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