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Motorola DP4000/DP4000e Batteries

NiMH / Li-Ion

Sure antennas stock a range of batteries for the DP4000 Series



Stock both NiMh and Li-Ion. IMPRES High Capacity.
Models compatible with vibrating belt clip. Light weight models.
IP68 options. Intrinsically Safe options.
Compatible with E series


The Motorola digital accessories batteries for the DP4000 series radios. From budget NiMh to IMPRES high capacity Li-Ion sure antennas offer a solution for any application.

The DP4000 batteries cover DP4400/DP4401 , DP4600/DP4601, DP4800/DP4801 Digital Motorola two way radio models. Also compatible with the new E series models.

The part numbers as follows:

PMNN4412AR NiMH 1400mAh Battery

PMNN4448AR IMPRES Li-Ion 2800mAh CE Battery

PMNN4488A IMPRES Li-ion Low Volt IP68 3000T for Vib Belt Clip

NNTN8560 IMPRES TIA4950 Intrinsically Safe

PMNN4407BR IMPRES Li-Ion 1650mAh CE Battery IP68

PMNN4409AR IMPRES Li-Ion 2250mAh

PMNN4489A IMPRES Li-ion TIA4950 Low Volt IP68 2900T



Product name Part number
Motorola DP4000 Batteries Data Sheets DP4000 Batteries data mototrbo_dp4000_series_portable_specifications.pdf

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