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Motorola IMPRES 2950mAh 3000T Battery

Li-ion Low Volt

Sure antennas stock a verity of batteries for the DP4000 Series

Compatible with Vibrating Clip Part Number: PMNN4488A
Weight (g): 152g Capacity [mAh]: 2950mAh
Op Time (Hrs): 18/13.5 (D/A DP4000) 28/21.5 (D/A DP4000e)


Motorola IMPRES 2950mAh 3000T Battery Specs In Detail.

• Weight: 152g,

• Capacity: 2950mAh

• Chemistry: Li-Ion

• Intelligent: Yes

• Op Time (Hrs): 18/13.5 (D/A DP4000), 28/21.5 (D/A DP4000e)

• Memory Effect: No

• Impres



Product name Part number
Motorola DP4000 Batteries Data Sheets DP4000 Batteries data mototrbo_dp4000_series_portable_specifications-17.pdf

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