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Motorola MTP3000 – Audio Accessories – Noise Attenuating Plugs

Surveillance Kits Replacement Parts for Motorola MTP3000

For High noise kit solution combine with RLN6242 or RLN5886 Low noise kits.


5080384F72 Pack of 50 pairs


Part Number : 5080384F72

• Noise reduction is 24 dB

• Compatible with 1, 2- and 3-wire kits
PMLN7397, PMLN6123, PMLN6124,
PMLN6125, PMLN6126, PMLN6129,
PMLN6130, NNTN8459, PMLN6758,
PMLN7269, PMLN7270, PMLN6754,
PMLN6755 and RSM earpiece:

• Unit of Measure: EA

• CE: No

• RTTE: No

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