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MTM5400 GPS Adaptor Cable FME Female – SCTF0TS1-00100-RG316

Sure Antennas Designed & Built


Key Features
Part Number: SCTF0TS1-00100-RG316 Motorola MTM5400 to MTM800 GPS Adaptor Cable
SMA Male To FME Female 100mm GPS Adaptor Cable
Sure Antennas Designed & Built Alternative to Part: PMKN4114 To enable the reuse of MTM800 FME Antennas already fitted to your vehicle.


  • Part Number: SCTF0TS1-00100-RG316
  • SMA Male To FME Female
  • Allows you to convert the GPS connection on a MTM5400 from a SMA male connection to a FME Female
  • Sure Antennas Designed & Built



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